Monday, January 21, 2013

Create a presentation (or plan a conversation) in 5 minutes?

It's a tried and true formula - and one that can be applied to all kinds of situations. Follow this quick diagram and you will have your next presentation for a workshop, seminar, staff meeting or that difficult one-on-one conference you have to have.

Here's how:

Step One: Define the presentation and brainstorm things you know about the topic.

Step Two: Fill in the circles. In circles one and five, place the topic name. The middle three circles will be filled with three different words/phases/themes from your brainstorming list. Your speech will be constructed in three parts:  Introduction: Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em.
            Body of Speech: Tell ‘em
            Conclusion: Tell ‘em what you told ‘em.

Step Three: Fill in the lines at the side of the circles. On these lines, put additional words/phases to expand on the themes in the circle. To fill out the body of your speech, use personal anecdotes or stories to illustrate your themes.

Use the form below to plan your comments!

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